Washington State’s Legalization of Marijuana

Washington State’s Legalization of Marijuana

On November 6th, Washington State voters approved I-502, a new initiative that legalizes the cultivation, sale, and use of marijuana – a substance that is viewed by the Federal government as an illegal and dangerous substance. In fact, the only other state to legalize the use of marijuana for recreational purposes as oppose to medicinal is Colorado. The law was written with the intention to keep Washington safe by regulating black market activities, eliminating any illegal marijuana transactions. With that in mind, there are many strict limitations about new procedures regarding marijuana.

Who can legally cultivate and sell pot

The new initiative stipulates that only specially licensed Washington farmers may grow marijuana, and only private Washington businesses that are licensed and regulated by the state may sell marijuana. While the particular laws of I-502 are still being settled, the initiative makes it very clear that individual cultivation and sale of marijuana is still illegal and could result in charges.

Driving Under the Influence

The law prohibits driving under the influence and as such there will be an amendment to laws regarding driving under the influence to reflect the maximum threshold for THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), cannabis, blood concentration. In other words, consumption of pot will be treated the same as consumption of alcohol for purposes of operating a vehicle. Also, like being under the influence of alcohol, while you are under the influence of marijuana you should consume responsibly as you are liable for any harm done to others and for property damages.

Places that it is still illegal to consume of have marijuana

Though you may legally be allowed to consume marijuana in Washington, it is crucial to remember that Washington’s marijuana laws will not be honored in any other state or on federal territory, which accounts for 30.3 percent of Washington. As such, you cannot travel with marijuana that has been legally purchased in Washington. Possession and consumption of marijuana will still be illegal in the following places:

  • Federal parks (e.g. Mount Rainier National Park)
  • Border checkpoints
  • Post offices
  • Ports of entry (airports, train stations and ship yards).
  • Military bases

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