Clear Criminal Records in Washington


A criminal record can prevent you from getting a job in Washington. That is why many people seek to have their criminal records cleared. Thankfully the State of Washington offers a vacating and record sealing option for prior individuals. This is an excellent way to retain your freedom in getting a job, find housing, and start a professional career.

washington criminal records

When you are looking to have your Washington criminal record removed it is important to have a licensed expungement attorney working on your behalf. You can count on‘s experienced attorneys and trained staff to guide you through the entire process without ever having to come in for an expensive office visit or appear in court. Their attorneys and case managers have successfully cleared thousands of criminal records for our clients. is a sponsor of this site.

Note that many attorneys do not practice solely in this area of law, and therefore they charge higher prices to perform these types of services.

You can try to consult with a professional law firm to find out more about how to clear your record:

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A professional law firm will make it so that you do not even have to show up in court. It is possible to have an attorney represent you in court so you can move on with your life without having to schedule in a court appearance.

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