Adult Record Sealing in Washington

There are several types of record sealing procedures in Washington, and therefore it can be confusing at times. For Criminal Records, they are made available in two institutes: The court where it was created and the Washing State Patrol – otherwise known as the WSP.

It is generally known that court records are extremely difficult to seal, and if it can be done, it will be very expensive. We have not encountered a law firm that is willing to have a court record sealed. However there are a few law firms that are able to seal Washing State Patrol Records.

There is a catch however – dismissed cases and the arrest event will show on the Washing State Patrol record that use fingerprints. Even if the case has been dismissed.

The benefit of having the WSP sealed are:

  • Prevents background check companies from viewing your record
  • WSP records that are removed are also removed from the Federal Bureau of Identification Database
  • Helps obtain professional licenses

In order to be eligible, your case must have been dismissed with no conviction data. If you have participated in a deferred presecution or a pre-prosecution program, you also may be eligible.

To get the latest information and laws, please contact a professional law firm specializing in adult record sealing.

You can try to consult with a professional law firm to find out more about how to clear your record:

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