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Washington Vacate Conviction

The state of Washington allows the court to vacate certain non-violent convictions and to seal the record. Once vacated (expunged), the person’s criminal record will not include that case. State law gives you the right to state to anyone, including prospective employers, that you were NOT convicted of that offense, after a vacate motion has been granted. Call at 877-573-7273.

Also consider expungement and criminal law attorneys.
Make sure you work with a licensed attorney… do not be fooled by “legal teams” that simply provide forms, do not provide money back guarantees or include the filing fee in the price.

Eligibility to Vacate A Conviction In Washington
To be eligible you must complete your sentence, been discharged from court supervision (probation/parole), not have any charges pending, and be conviction free for the waiting periods listed below. The waiting periods begin the day you complete your sentence, including probation/parole.

  • Class B Felony 10 Years (Felonies before 7/1/1984 are not eligible)
  • Class C Felony 5 Years (Felonies before 7/1/1984 are not eligible)
  • Domestic Violence 5 Years (Must be only conviction involving DV)
  • Misdemeanor 3 Years
  • Gross Misdemeanor 2 Years
  • Diversion/Deferred Judgment 2 Years
  • Sex offenses and dui offenses are not eligible

You can try to consult with a professional law firm to find out more about how to clear your record:

Free Record Clearing Check

A professional law firm will make it so that you do not even have to show up in court. It is possible to have an attorney represent you in court so you can move on with your life without having to schedule in a court appearance.

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